Summer Commute Rewards Program

Go Buffalo Niagara is working with select employers in Downtown Buffalo to offer three months of special rewards to commuters for using alternative transportation options: carpooling, Metro Bus, Metro Rail, walking, and biking.

If you work at City Hall, Delaware North, Hodgson Russ, the Hyatt Regency, or Inspire Dental (Downtown), then you are eligible to receive rewards for your commute from July 1 – September 30. Read more about the rewards below and contact us at for more information.

  1. Give Transit a Try (choose a week in July or August)
  2. Monthly Metro Rewards (for purchasing a monthly Metro pass in August and/or September)
  3. Track Your Trips and Win (from July 1 – September 30)
  4. Emergency Ride Home (from July 1 – September 30)


Frequently Asked Questions:

I already use alternative transportation options to get to work. Can I participate?

  • That’s great! The program supports long-time transit riders too. You are eligible to sign up for:
    1. an Emergency Ride Home: receive a code for a free ride home from work via Lyft in case your carpool leaves early, you miss the last bus, or some other unexpected situation comes up. You don’t need to drive to work to have peace of mind about getting home.
    2. Earn prizes for tracking your commute trips. By logging at least 10 trips per month, you will get a “swag bag” filled with thank-you gifts and coupons. Each trip that you log enters you into monthly raffles for additional prizes.  You can choose to track your trips on a mobile app, carpool portal, or email form – whichever is easiest for you.


I already get a monthly Metro pass. Can I sign up for monthly Metro rewards?

  • The monthly metro pass rewards (gift cards and bike memberships) are prioritized for those who do not currently get a monthly pass (either a full-fare or senior/reduced-fare), but decide to purchase one after they “Give Transit a Try” with the free 7-day pass in July or August. However, regular transit commuters like you are welcome to sign up as any extras will be offered to regular transit commuters on a first-come, first-served basis.


I’m a cyclist, not a Metro rider – I just want a Reddy Bikeshare and/or a GObike annual membership.

Send us an email at